Monday, December 08, 2008

Time to bundle up

The monsoon is back, and Mersing had its first storm today.
Most people think the monsoon is wet and rainy, but actually most
of the time there are strong north easterly winds. It makes the weather nice and cool, like Cameron Highlands or Genting resort. In fact it is cool enough to wear a light jacket, perfect snuggling weather or cuddle to a good book if thats your cup of tea.

It's amazing to just stand by the sea, and marvel at the powerful waves pounding the shore. Although, you can't go swimming in the open ocean, and snorkling is not recommended, there are several coves in the area, where you can still swim (always check with the locals though to make sure).

The monsoon season, gives nature a chance to regenerate from commercial fishing and other human activities. So celebrate nature's renewal and come enjoy the season !

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New look

Thanks to Anip our intern, we have finally completed updating our template. Some of the new features include the bus and ferry schedules and some new widgets.

The photo widget will show the latest "mersing" tagged photos from flickr, so if you have some to share, do upload your photos onto and tag them "mersing.

We have also spent some time updating the town map and have some of the major attractions on it.

Comment and let us know what you think.


Here are some videos to show a glimpse of Mersing.

Ferry ride to Tioman Island from Mersing

Beach at Tioman Island

Monday, August 18, 2008

An original Kopi Tiam - Sri Mersing Cafe

Sri Mersing Cafe is a gem. An original Kopi Tiam (Chinese coffee shop) located in Mersing where fresh coffee and baked goods are served hot, along with the buzz of deals being made and local news being discussed by its patrons. Its frequented by everyone in town; Malay, Chinese and Indian, a truly Malaysian place ! Its clean and has been around for over 25+ years.

The coffee is roasted fresh on the premises, and is served strong. The baked goods are made at the shop and include breads, cakes and local pastries. Try the Kaya toast ( with or without butter , spread on a bun or a slice of thick toast). Have this along with a two soft boiled eggs and it will bring back memories or make new ones.

I'm still getting the hang of ordering the coffee since like most Malaysian restaurants, tea and coffee are served complete with milk and sugar. To have it plain you have to learn how to order it minus the extras.

Kopi = Coffee with sweet condensed milk (on the bottom)

Kopi O = Black with sugar ( the 'O' omits the milk )
Kopi O Kosong = Black without sugar ( the Kosong omits the sugar )
Kopi C Kosong = Coffee with milk but no sugar.

When you're there try taking home a loaf of home baked bread; each slice is almost twice as thick as the ones you get from commercial bakeries and delicious with their Kaya.
Also try their egg tarts and pineapple pie.

About Mersing

The charming town of Mersing on the East coast of Malaysia is an ideal place for peaceful relaxation and adventure. Mersing has great food, friendly people, and the tropical islands of Tioman, Sibu, and Rawa are a hop away.

Mersing town is the main port for ferries to Pulau Tioman and the more than 40 other beautiful islands in the Seribuat Archipelago (see Cool things to do). In the town of Mersing, you'll find a wide assortment of stores, restaurants, traditional coffee shops, banks, and internet services. The town is located near beaches and other mainland scenic attractions rivalling those found on the islands.

At heart, Mersing is a fishing town. From the bridge over Mersing river, one can see rows of brightly coloured boats and a forest of stilts on which rest fishing docks. Although Mersing is a modern town with internet caf├ęs and nine banks, the leisurely pace of life remains.

Mersing can easily be accessed from Singapore, Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and the major northern Malaysian town of Kuantan by car, bus, taxi or coaches.

Facts about Mersing:

Population22 800
Languages SpokenBahasa Malayu (national language), English, several Chinese and Indian dialects
CurrencyMalaysian Ringgit (exchange rates)

Large cities nearby:
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia250.7 km / 155.8 miles
Singapore126.8 km / 78.8 miles

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Where to Stay

Teluk Iskandar Inn

Teluk Iskandar Inn is a charming bed and breakfast situated on the east coast of Malaysia, facing the South China Sea. In a natural garden setting, Teluk Iskandar Inn is the perfect place to stay for peaceful rest and relaxation. A short drive will take you to the town of Mersing. The islands of Tioman, Sibu, and Rawa are nearby.

tel. +6 07 799 6037
mp. +6 019 704 8624

For more information visit:

Monday, August 04, 2008

Hotel Havanita
tel. + 6 07 799 8666
fax. + 6 07 799 8178

Omar's Backpacker Hostel
tel. +6 09 779 5096
fax. +6 07 799 4434

Raja Villa & Resort
tel. +6 07 799 5589

Hotel Seri Malaysia
tel. +6 07 799 1876

Hotel Timotel
tel. +6 07 799 5888
fax. +6 07 799 5333

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Transportation Schedule


Ex-Mersing Ferry Terminal

Mersing to Tioman

Speed Ferry (1 hour 30 minutes)

One way Adult - RM 35.00
Child - RM 30.00

Two way Adult - RM 70.00
Child - RM 60.00

Speed Boat (1 hour)

One way Adult - RM 45.00
Child - RM 40.00

Two way Adult - RM 90.00
Child - RM 60.00

*The ferry timing subject to water tide/weather condition.
*Child age is between 3 to 12

For more information Sdn. Bhd
Unit L1-09, Level 1 – Bangunan JOTIC NO. 2,
Jalan Ayer Molek,80000 JOHOR BAHRU, JOHOR

Fax: (+607) 227 2907

Bluewater (Speed boat & Ferry)


Cost: RM40 one way

Speed boat

Cost : RM45 one way

For more info :

Tel: +60-7-799-2535 / +60-7-799-2612 (Eric or Jim)

Auto Mersing

Ferry (about 2 hours or so)

Adult : RM35.00
Child : RM30.00

Unit No.1 Tourist Centre,
Jalan Abu Bakar, 86800 Mersing, Johor
Tel : 07-799 6019
07 799 3123
Fax : 07-7995118

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Transportation Schedule



From Kuala Lumpur to Mersing

Time : 9:00am, 12:30pm, 6.00pm,11:00pm,11:30pm

Fare (Adult) : RM 22.90
Fare (Children) : RM 11.50

For more information :

website :
Phone : +603 - 20703300
+603 - 20705044
Fax : +603 - 20705044