Monday, December 08, 2008

Time to bundle up

The monsoon is back, and Mersing had its first storm today.
Most people think the monsoon is wet and rainy, but actually most
of the time there are strong north easterly winds. It makes the weather nice and cool, like Cameron Highlands or Genting resort. In fact it is cool enough to wear a light jacket, perfect snuggling weather or cuddle to a good book if thats your cup of tea.

It's amazing to just stand by the sea, and marvel at the powerful waves pounding the shore. Although, you can't go swimming in the open ocean, and snorkling is not recommended, there are several coves in the area, where you can still swim (always check with the locals though to make sure).

The monsoon season, gives nature a chance to regenerate from commercial fishing and other human activities. So celebrate nature's renewal and come enjoy the season !