Monday, August 18, 2008

An original Kopi Tiam - Sri Mersing Cafe

Sri Mersing Cafe is a gem. An original Kopi Tiam (Chinese coffee shop) located in Mersing where fresh coffee and baked goods are served hot, along with the buzz of deals being made and local news being discussed by its patrons. Its frequented by everyone in town; Malay, Chinese and Indian, a truly Malaysian place ! Its clean and has been around for over 25+ years.

The coffee is roasted fresh on the premises, and is served strong. The baked goods are made at the shop and include breads, cakes and local pastries. Try the Kaya toast ( with or without butter , spread on a bun or a slice of thick toast). Have this along with a two soft boiled eggs and it will bring back memories or make new ones.

I'm still getting the hang of ordering the coffee since like most Malaysian restaurants, tea and coffee are served complete with milk and sugar. To have it plain you have to learn how to order it minus the extras.

Kopi = Coffee with sweet condensed milk (on the bottom)

Kopi O = Black with sugar ( the 'O' omits the milk )
Kopi O Kosong = Black without sugar ( the Kosong omits the sugar )
Kopi C Kosong = Coffee with milk but no sugar.

When you're there try taking home a loaf of home baked bread; each slice is almost twice as thick as the ones you get from commercial bakeries and delicious with their Kaya.
Also try their egg tarts and pineapple pie.


Anonymous said...

Dear Administrator:

thank you so much for the useful info here.

will take note on this :)

i will visit mersing on 8th Feb 2008 - 9th Feb 2008

u have a good day too, take care

Anonymous said...

Sri Mersing Cafe always remind me of my teenage years when I used to hang out in the afternoon for teh peng or coke float before heading to my sports practice.. that was in 1978....
Everytime I drove pass the cafeI can still smell the aroma of the cake and coffee and it just triggers the memory..30 years ago
Love that place..too bad the Pak Ali restoran and he bazaar across the street had been demolished!

morningcloud said...

may i know where exactly it is connected? i search the whole mersing but i could not find it

Anonymous said...

@xiaoyun: The cafe is situated by the river in Mersing Town. The easiest way to get there is to head to the major roundabout in Mersing town. If you follow the roundabout around, you'll see a Public Bank at one of it's junction. Take that junction, go along the road, and you'll see the cafe at your right hand side after a few other shops.

eunice said...

Wow! I just stumbled upon this cool Mersing blog! I am Singaporean but have been visiting Mersing since I was a baby as I have many relatives there. And I just came back yesterday!

Your blog has brought back a lot of fond memories I have with Mersing. It will always be kept in a special corner of my heart. I have a travel blog, am about to blog Mersing too, do check it out soon!

Thank you for blogging Mersing =)


eunice said...

Tell you what, I think your blog is fantastic, I am going to link you in my post about Mersing =)


Anonymous said...

Wished I'd known your website before I went to Mersing last week. Met up with Uncle Ibrahim of IskandarInn, and he told me abt you and your website. I think what you're doing here is just AWESOME! Kudos and keep it up!

Kees said...

Seeing this blog about my cousin's (!) coffee shop made up my mind, I'm going to Mersing this summer!

Amirah Laili said...

hye..why dont you try eat at Bengawan Solo cafe,next to Maybank at the Mersing town..i think that restaurant also can promote Mersing to the tourist ;)

fubai said...

this blog is awesome!! i've been to sally's place.. they have alot of customers and not in your blog.. it is located infront of the beach.. though i cant see waves at nite because very dark and covered up by bushes and trees.. nearby sally's place also have few stalls.. please let us know if the place are okay.. we can try it out too...

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