Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The ocean's bounty

Mersing is known for its abundance of sea food and diversity of marine life.

On a recent trip to the market, I was happy to see that the fish stocks have rebounded. There was plenty of fish and they were of a good size, meaning that the fishermen are not over-fishing.

The fish were really fresh and we bought some to steam that night.


syik s. said...

hye... i will be moving to mersing this december. the problem is, i'm still looking for house to rent. do you have any contact in which i can use to find rental house in mersing. the internet is not helpful in my search. ;(

Ahmad Badri bin Alwi said...

Dear admin,

I pass by your diner at the mersing old wet market area but i think the diner is not there anymore.

Are u still stay in Mersing?

Cikguiti said...

have a look here will help ur journey!