Thursday, May 11, 2006

What to bring

Mersing has a tropical climate, with lots of sun and humidity. During the monsoon, it rains periodically, and the weather is cooler. We recommend for you to prepare these items so that you get to enjoy Mersing to the fullest. If you forget to bring some of these items, you can always purchase things in town.

Light clothing
You should bring clothes that are light in weight and color. That way, you won't feel uncomfortable under the hot sun. Consider t-shirts, shorts and clothes with breathable fabric. For women, a sarong can be extremely handy in the evenings when the mosquitos come out.

Beach wear
You'll be by the beach, so don't forget your swimwear.

You will get a tan here, so to be safe, bring sunblock.

Pick a hat that's light and gives plenty of shade.

Insect repellant
If you're not used to mosquitoes, this is a must.

The cheapest way to move around is to walk, and there's plenty to see and do while on foot. Sandals help because they keep your feet dry when it's sunny, dries up easily after it pours, and are easily washed so you won't worry about getting them dirty.

Mersing is a beautiful place, so don't miss the chance to take pictures.

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