Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Transportation Schedule


Ex-Mersing Ferry Terminal

Mersing to Tioman

Speed Ferry (1 hour 30 minutes)

One way Adult - RM 35.00
Child - RM 30.00

Two way Adult - RM 70.00
Child - RM 60.00

Speed Boat (1 hour)

One way Adult - RM 45.00
Child - RM 40.00

Two way Adult - RM 90.00
Child - RM 60.00

*The ferry timing subject to water tide/weather condition.
*Child age is between 3 to 12

For more information Sdn. Bhd
Unit L1-09, Level 1 – Bangunan JOTIC NO. 2,
Jalan Ayer Molek,80000 JOHOR BAHRU, JOHOR

Fax: (+607) 227 2907

Bluewater (Speed boat & Ferry)


Cost: RM40 one way

Speed boat

Cost : RM45 one way

For more info :

Tel: +60-7-799-2535 / +60-7-799-2612 (Eric or Jim)

Auto Mersing

Ferry (about 2 hours or so)

Adult : RM35.00
Child : RM30.00

Unit No.1 Tourist Centre,
Jalan Abu Bakar, 86800 Mersing, Johor
Tel : 07-799 6019
07 799 3123
Fax : 07-7995118


Anonymous said...

noone answers at night ..plz set up ur plan for forieners

bryan said...

Just a quick point of interest to regular Tioman visitors, or those wishing to go there in the future.

Since we go to Tioman quite regularly, we're seeing more and more travellers, especially from overseas, arriving at the Mersing jetty too late to catch their ferry, because it's full.

I think the reason is twofold:

1) The recent popularity boom Tioman has been enjoying.
2) The recent rule prohibiting passengers from sitting on the ferry sun-deck.

That second reason effectively cut the ferries' capacity in half, resulting in less revenue for them and more passengers left stranded during busy spells.

In light of above, my advice to those who've booked a Tioman resort, or want to go to Tioman during the weekend or a public holiday: book your ferry tickets as far in advance as possible, so you won't be stranded at the departure jetty due to the ferry for that day being already full.

You can get tickets from the ferry operators direct or from

Anonymous said...

Does mersing to tioman island both ferry terminals have wheelchair friendly facility?

LMK said...

Jim from Blue Water was absolutely helpful and accommodating - give them a buzz for any bespoke requirements.

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