Sunday, March 14, 2010

Organic Farms

Avocado tree at Iskandar Inn

Organic foods are not popular in Malaysia as in other parts of the world, but the change to more organic sustainable farming is coming. It comes from 'demand' and as a consumer you can ask, 'is this organic or pesticide free ?'

Already quite a bit of stuff in Mersing in grown organically which means no pesticides and the ground is free from poison (such as mercury from illegal gold mines) and other commercial chemical fertilizers.
I know its more expensive, but who wants to put chemicals and poisons into our own bodies.

For example, Gucharan our local dairy farmer, rears his cows in a sustainable and hormone free way.
The cows produce milk that is delicious and the tairu (yogurt) is some of the best to be found, as good as the best french yogurt and definitely much better than things like Yoplait.

Then there is the organic farm in Kluang, run by Zenxin, which grows organic fruits and vegetables. There is even a store there that sells their organic produce. Stop by when you drive from KL to Mersing through the Kluang road. Kahang is another town where organic farming is taking place. I have ot nconfirmed it yet but its seems they grow organic rice.

A friend's sister is involved in this positive movement on the Virgin Islands. Maybe we can learn from our distant cousins there, after all its another tropical paradise.


eunice said...

My uncle has many passion fruits growing outside his house now. That's the fun part of staying in the laid back kampong in Mersing!

Cat's Miaw said...

wanna ask where to get the yogurt from the local dairy farmer?